Good afternoon,

My Name is Julie Seabrook and I am the owner operator of the new Queensland Zoo at the Big Pineapple.
I was the general manager at Alma Park Zoo and due to circumstance beyond my control the owners
sold the land for development and had no were for the collection of animals to go.
I decided that the collection should stay together. I put my life savings and sold my home to bring the
Zoo to the Sunshine Coast. My aim was to have a family affordable day out and to educate people on wildlife,
conservation and the environment in a fun way. I negotiated a lease with the Directors of the Big Pineapple for the Zoo to be built.
All the animal collection are now housed in new enclosures at the Zoo. The Lease included two (2)
shops at the entrance of the Big Pineapple complex the land the Zoo was built on and the car park at the
back of farm.

I had hoped that 2 of Queensland icon’s ( the first Zoo in QLD and The Big Pineapple) would help each other and once again become a tourist attraction.
The Big Pineapple is a world known tourist attraction but it seems that the Directors and the tourism industry don’t care allowing the Big Pineapple to close.

In July the directors requested that I put a café In one of the two (2) shops I had leased at the front of the Big Pineapple complex.
I did this at my expense and after 3 weeks they closed the complex leaving no toilet facilities and told me to
close the café. The Big Pineapple complex would only be open on Saturday for the markets.

I have now been told by the Directors to relocate the entrance of the Zoo. The Directors have given me until the end of the September school holidays to
have the new entrance open. The new entrance would be at the end of the service road into the car park with a new ticket office at the back of the farm.

My question is who is responsible for the service road that would lead to the Zoo entrance. There is a bus stop on this road
and the road is in need of repair. The pot holes are dangerous and causing damage to cars.

As a new tourist and community attraction to the Sunshine Coast that receives no government of council funding I am asking
for advice and help with this matter.

This is a very important matter for the lively hood of everyone involved in the Zoo and the community.

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