DEFEATED. Anthony Reid bats for Gympie, which lost to Maroochydore.
DEFEATED. Anthony Reid bats for Gympie, which lost to Maroochydore. John McCutcheon

Rangers in club one-day record, Swans edge Gold

CRICKET: Just one team lost all 10 wickets in round five of Sunshine Coast division one fixtures on a day when Glasshouse set a club record total against Nambour, Caboolture gained maximum points over Caloundra and Maroochydore dawdled over the line to beat Gympie.

The Glasshouse batsmen should have been embarrassed after an under-performing 97 in the opening one-dayer against Tewantin-Nooosa, so Brett Milini and Liam Moffett proceeded cautiously against the Cutters' attack, with Jayden Francis giving up just two runs in his first three overs.

Moffett went at 1/55 from Steve Ledger's return catch, bringing Dan Cahill to join Milini, with the pair cruising to 124 at the halfway mark, a good but unspectacular partnership. The Rangers' 'keeper edged behind off Nick Wallace on 74 as the total reached 180, leaving Cahill on 70 looking very comfortable.

Always acknowledged for his potential to produce a defining knock, Cahill set the process in action as Ledger took the ball for his ninth over. Some batsmen fidget as they approach three figures, but Cahill went from 76 to 100 from the next four deliveries, adding another 10 as the last two balls went over or into the fence.

This was the start of the 46th over, and Glasshouse hit an incredible 96 off the final five, Cahill out for 136 off the first delivery of the 48th, then Jeremy Schultz and Chris Boyce adding 52 from the next 17 balls. The Rangers closed at 4/323, their highest one-day tally.

Missing the usual opening pair of Josh Matthews and Tom Dean, Ledger partnered Sam Parsons to start a long chase, but a mounting run rate brought the inevitable, with the score 4/101 at the halfway stage. Tyron Blinco and Ranvir Thiarra enjoyed themselves with a sparkling 43 off the final five overs to leave the visitors 9/206 at the end.

Maroochydore took the points over Gympie after being set 186 to pass by the Gold, when nobody really dominated after a sound 52 opening from Ash Sippel and Dan Shepperson. Both innings saw wickets hard to come by and well shared around on a fast field, and the Swans' reply was set up by 90 from Adam Thornton and James Chaplin.

This put the home side on the trail needing around three runs per over, a chase that lingered on as pressure began to build while wickets started to fall for little reason. Gerard Flegler was the mother hen who took his brood to the last over needing three runs, when perhaps fittingly a run-out attempt and an overthrow ended the tension at 6/187.

Caboolture gained two bonus points by reaching Caloundra's 130 in 24 overs at Grant Road, with Andy Schablon starring, reaping 5/20 and compiling 36 in the Snakes' chase to reach the runs in under 25 overs.

The game within a game got tight as the home side lost three wickets with the scores level on 130, ballooning Jack Cockram's figures to 5/36 before John Flew hit a double to end the chase and the 24th over at 7/132.


Scca Division 1 Round 5 19-11-2016

Maroochydore V Gympie Kev Hackney Oval

Gympie Innings

Sippel A. b Schultz 31

Shepperson D. b Welsh 35

Waugh L. ct Flegler b Schultz 2

Brady T. lbw b Anderson 13

Sippel J. b Olsen 13

Brady J. ct Schultz b Newton 19

Ashton T. lbw b Ventura 22

Vidler J. lbw b Newton 0

Reid A. not out 20

Mitchell B. lbw b Ventura 0

Cartwright L. not out 10

Sundries: 21

Total: 9/186

FOW: 52, 57, 76, 92, 111, 147, 150, 164, 164.

Bowling: Newton 10-1-30-2, Olsen 8-0-29-1, Welsh 9.2-2-22-1, Schultz 9-0-35-2, Anderson 5-0-28-1, Ventura 9-2-32-2.

Overs: 50

Maroochydore Innings

Thornton A. ct J.Sippel b Reid 52

Chaplin J. ct T.Brady b J.Brady 48

Stitt C. ct T.Brady b J.Brady 23

Kropp L. ct Shepperson b Cartwright 23

Flegler G. not out 21

Olsen T. ct & b J.Brady 1

Schultz K. ct A.Sippel b Reid 3

Ventura K. not out 1

Sundries: 15

Total: 6/187

FOW: 90, 112, 134, 166, 175, 180.

Bowling: Mitchell 5-0-24-0, J.Brady 7-0-2-2, Ashton 10-1-35-1, Cartwright 10-1-23-1, Reid 8-0-41-2, J.Sippel 10-0-33-0.

Overs: 49.3

Won By Maroochydore

Caboolture V Caloundra Grant Road.

Caloundra Innings

Elmes M. ct Flew b Schablon 48

Eastgate l. ct Baker b Schablon 2

Blades H. lbw b Schablon 2

Burnham-Clark H. ct Baker b Schablon 9

Hotham H. lbw b Connew 0

Winen J. ct Connew b Batticciotto 11

Freebody D. lbw b Schablon 6

Elworthy M. ct McVeigh b Baker 8

Cockram J. st Book b Anderson 19

Wilkinson J. not out 12

Powell N. b Flew 0

Sundries: 13

Total: 130

FOW: 20, 30, 62, 63, 69, 82, 94, 94,

Bowling: Anderson 7-5-9-1, Flew 7.4-0-36-1, Schablon 10-2-20-5, Batticciotto 8-2-26-1, Connew 7-0-24-0, Baker 5-1-14-1.

Overs: 43.4

Caboolture Innings

McVeigh M. ct Blades b Cockram 15

Batticciotto G. b Elworthy 4

Schubert M. ct Freebody b Cockram 46

Baker R. ct Eastgate b Powell 1

Schablon A. ct Blades b Cockram 36

Coffin J. st Eastgate b Cockram 9

Watt J. not out 0

Book D. st Eastgate b Cockram 0

Flew J. not out 2

Sundries: 19

Total: 7/132

FOW: 6, 44, 50,107,130,130,130.

Bowling: Elworthy 5-1-25-1, Freebody 3-0-23-0, Cockram 9-2-36-5, Powell 6-0-32-1, Wilkinson 1-0-14-0.

Overs: 24

Won By Caboolture(double Bonus Points)

Glasshouse V Nambour Glasshouse

Glasshouse Innings

Moffett L. ct & b Ledger 21

Milini B. ct Thiarra b Wallace 74

Cahill D. ct Blinco b Coughlan 136

Boyce C. ct Ilott b Coughlan 18

Schultz J. not out 51

Sundries: 23

Total: 4/323

FOW: 55, 180, 271, 323.

Bowling: Francis 7-2-26-0, Blinco 6-0-44-0, Ledger 9-0-69-1, O'Connor 8-0-65-0, Ilott 10-0-43-0, Wallace 4-1-20-1.

Overs: 50

Nambour Innings

Ledger S. b Manuel 48

Parsons S. ct Milini b Fischer 22

Fitzpatrick J. ct Topfer b Fischer 7

Wallace N. ct Owen b Topfer 8

Douglas A. ct Boyce b Baartz 10

Thiarra R. not out 59

Francis J. ct Milini b Cahill 17

O'Connor H. st Milini b Baartz 0

Coughlan A. lbw b Moffett 3

Ilott B. b Manuel 0

Blinco T. not out 17

Sundries: 15

Total: 9/206

FOW: 51, 80, 89, 101, 101, 127, 142, 148, 163.

Bowling: Schultz 4-0-17-0, Fischer 10-1-46-2, Manuel 10-0-45-2, Topfer 4-1-21-1, Baartz 10-2-25-2, Cahill 7-1-22-1, Moffett 4-1-19-1, Owen 1-0-7-0. Overs: 50.

Won By Glasshouse

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