CCTV footage of an armed robbery at a North Ipswich pharmacy.
CCTV footage of an armed robbery at a North Ipswich pharmacy.

Ipswich's most wanted

IPSWICH detectives are pleading for information on a series of robberies after weeks of investigations failed to turn up any definitive clues.

Detective Sergeant Heath McQueen said police had a high success rate in solving armed and other violent robberies in the district, and sometimes all it took was a vital piece of information from a member of the public to crack the case.

He said the four incidents police were seeking information on were particularly disturbing because of the effect they had had on the victims.

Among the unsolved crimes is a series of four raids committed by an unmasked, ungloved man who armed himself with a handgun while robbing four service stations between April 7 and May 10.

Closed circuit television footage shows the face of the skinny robber, who brazenly held up the United Fuels shop at Springfield on April 7 and May 8, plus the BP at Eastern Heights on April 8 and the Matilda at Willowbank on May 10.

Police have also released closed circuit footage of a terrifying armed raid at the KFC at Booval on the night of August 5.

Two men entered the store at closing time - one of them armed with a large knife - and ambushed the manager, demanding cash from the safe.

Both robbers had their faces covered.

In yet another armed raid, a man robbed a North Ipswich pharmacy at knifepoint on April 16.

Disguised in little more than a baseball cap, a flannelette shirt and jeans, the man entered the Downs St store during the middle of the day and demanded money, before fleeing on foot.

Sgt McQueen said police were also seeking information on the violent robbery of a train passenger near Riverview station on August 2.

"The victim was travelling Ipswich bound and the train stopped at Goodna, where suspects have boarded the train," he said.

"As the train approached Riverview four males walked past the victim and one of them has, without warning, punched the victim twice to the face and then stolen his wallet."

Police have already apprehended one of the offenders but are looking for the other three men identified in the CCTV footage.

"These are very serious offences that can have a lasting effect on the community," Sgt McQueen said.

"It can affect the victims for some period of time afterwards.

"They are just members of the community that are trying to make a living and going to work that are subjected to this type of serious violent offence."

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