Resolve just to be the best you can be in 2015

A NEW year. How wonderful. For many people, after the trials and ick of 2014, this is a new leaf they've been eagerly waiting to turn for quite some time.

I know myself, I was asking if it was New Year's Eve yet way back in August. Such was the level of sick and tiredness at what had turned out to be a particularly challenging calendar.

But now, more than at any other time, we look to the future. We recalibrate. We reboot. We resolve and we review.

All with the aim of being a better version of ourselves; all with a view to achieving greater happiness.

Resolutions though are the stuff of disappointment. Quit sugar/carbs/alcohol/ cigarettes. Lose weight. Gain more money. Break bad habits. Build new success.

It's as material as it is immaterial and as self-serving as it is self-deprecating.

So this time around, what about this: What if we resolved nothing more than to be the best version of ourselves that we could be?

What if that meant being kind? Being good? Building on our tolerances and tearing down those walls galvanised by our prejudices and our abilities to hate and judge?

What if we chose to amend and adjust our entire life order, rather than just tinkering around with the stuff at the perimeter.

Go forth and lose weight, quit smoking and start exercising. Good luck. But don't forget, especially right now, that in a world where not a lot is making sense and we are inundated by messages of hurt and hate and threats of terror, that there is a massive difference you can make in your own small way.

Resolve to care. Resolve to be more tolerant, less judgmental and more open minded. Resolve not to subscribe to the petty nonsense around misguided prejudice. Don't hate.

How can it be so difficult for some to just live and let live? It's surprisingly easy to let that hate and anger go. And the emotional capacity you get back, the room to see life in its incredible glory, is well worth the exercise.

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