Riding high with best mate by his side

THOSE who caught the dog surfing at the weekend might have seen the original dog surfer Chris de Aboitiz on a bizarre piece of watercraft.

With his pup Luca on board, Mr de Aboitiz rode the waves on a hydrofoil board, which elevates the surfboard out of the water on unbroken waves.

"We like to always up the level with surfing and stand up paddle boarding, so this is the hydrofoil dog surfing," Mr de Aboitiz said.

"You can ride on the shoulder (of the wave), not on the pocket. So it works for small swells.

"It's opening up new places to surf because it doesn't depend on the swell."

It was Luca's first time on the hydrofoil board, and Mr de Aboitiz said he did really well.

"We didn't wipe out once, my hair's still dry," he said.

"He's not my dog, he's a client's dog that I'm taking care of. They're happy to leave him with me, they say 'we'll just wait until we see him on television'."


Original Noosa dog surfer Chris de Aboitiz rides the waves with Luca on a hydrofoil board.
Original Noosa dog surfer Chris de Aboitiz rides the waves with Luca on a hydrofoil board.

Mr de Aboitiz said it's important to introduce dogs to surfing in a gradual way, ensuring their safety and happiness.

"You want to learn in a safe environment, so starting at the dog beach at the end of the Noosa River.

"If you start somewhere safe, they start to think of the water as a happy place."

Mr de Aboitiz said he's always excited to be welcomed back to the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

"We love to be back down here," he said.

"I'm visiting family, my parents live in Tewantin. They don't surf, I'm a first generation surfer.

"I love coming to the Festival of Surfing."

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