GEEK PREVIEW: These Peregian Springs students last year learnt at school to fly their own drones.
GEEK PREVIEW: These Peregian Springs students last year learnt at school to fly their own drones. Contributed

Robo holidays in Noosa just cool for school hols

PEREGIAN Springs State School is encouraging local kids to channel their inner geeks by taking part in some fabulous holiday robotics and coding fun for the holidays at Peregian Digital Hub.

Noosa's tech-loving kids are in for an action-packed program of creating, inventing and having fun with the latest technology.

The Peregian Digital Hub's holiday program has a wide variety of workshops for girls and boys in years 4-12.

Robotics Academy for Girls by Girls:

Taught by Australia's champion girls robotics team, this fun engineering and robotics workshop for girls in years 4-9 will teach the essentials of building, programing and competing with a LEGO EV3 robot.

Beginner and advanced workshops. Book one or both. Dates: Saturday, June 29, 9am-1pm: Beginner Workshop. Sunday, June 30, 9am-1pm.

The Advanced Workshop offers a chance to learn 3D design and printing. 3D design skills are now a superpower - you can dream up anything, design it in 3D and then 3D print it. Young inventors in years 4-9 will learn to model in 3D, create their own design and print it out on the Hub's 3D printer. Dates: Tuesday, July 9, 9am- noon: Beginner Workshop. Wednesday, July 10, 9am- noon: Advanced Workshop

Robotoc Masterclass with RoboKings:

The World Championship- winning RoboKings team will teach a LEGO sumo robotics masterclass to students in Years 4-10, covering LEGO Mindstorms coding and engineering.

Mindstorms is a simple way to teach a complex set of skills.

This workshop will take kids from introductory through to advanced robotics in a fun, collaborative environment.

Attendees of previous RoboKings workshops will learn new skills that build on those learned in previous workshops.

Dates: Saturday, July 13, 9am-1pm. Sunday, July 14, 9am-1pm

Drone Camp - Learn to Fly and Race:

This fun flight of fancy is on offer at the Hub and other centres in Noosa.

Drone Camp is a great way for high school students to have fun, develop valuable new skills and get inspired by the possibilities of new technology.

It offers a chance to build, fly and race an FPV drone over four days. Getting to grips with FPV drones is an ideal introduction to the computer science and engineering principles that underpin robotics and unmanned vehicles.

Dates: Sunday, June 30, 10am-1pm: Peregian Beach Digital Hub. Monday July 1, 10am-noon: CQU Noosa Campus. Monday July 1, 1-4pm: Noosa Leisure Centre.

Tuesday July 2, 10am-1pm: CQU Noosa Campus. Wednesday, July 3, 10am-1pm: Leisure Centre

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