JUST FOR YOU: Breeze, Tower Club at lebua is a romantic getaway with all the right touches in the right setting.
JUST FOR YOU: Breeze, Tower Club at lebua is a romantic getaway with all the right touches in the right setting. Contributed

Romance, luxury you CAN afford

WHEN you see a glamorous photo of a hopelessly romantic scene - perhaps a table set a deux on a white sandy beach in Thailand surrounded by candles and a waiter with a bottle of champagne - your travel fantasies take flight.

You can't imagine yourself ever affording such a fantasy.

The picture (right) is not on a white sandy beach in Thailand - it is actually high up in the sky overlooking the bustling city of Bangkok - but it couldn't be more romantic. And the really good bit? It is very affordable and easily accessible.

Breeze, Tower Club at lebua pays homage to Asian cuisine. Its alfresco elevation on a podium in the sky on the 51st and 52nd floors puts you way above the noise of the city. Overlooking the twinkling lights of Bangkok - seeing the city mysteriously move in its night time momentum but being unable to hear it - is romance epitomised.

On every visit to Bangkok, whether it is a stopover on the way to somewhere else or a dedicated trip to the city we love, we always stay at lebua. . Of course it is the attraction of the world's highest alfresco Asian restaurant that takes us back each time, but it is also the unmatchable-anywhere- else warmth of the Thai welcome.

By the time we have taken our seat at our corner table at Breeze, we have had at least a dozen gentle greetings of "sawadika", beginning as the elevator doors open to reveal elegant women in Thai dress who escort us outside to the glittering elegance of Breeze, to the many staff who graciously pull out chairs, fluff out white napkins, pour water.

Oh, but its lovely up there, especially as dishes of charcoal grilled snow fish and Sri Lankan mud crab arrive with due ceremony.

The thoughtful people who manage things at lebua are mindful of treating all of us to a romantic scenario and consequently have special deals throughout the year, from accommodation and dinner packages, to spa and wellness retreats, to cooking classes.

Accessible, affordable, unforgettable. You deserve it. - Ann Rickard



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