Paris Satine from Scarlet Harem, Kunda Park which was due to be auctioned.
Paris Satine from Scarlet Harem, Kunda Park which was due to be auctioned. John McCutcheon

SCARLET HAREM: The brothel auction that didn't get up

THE Sunshine Coast's first legal brothel Scarlet Harem did not sell under the hammer at auction as there was only one registered bidder.

But selling agent Huan Cleeton from Cleeton Property Group said negotiations were continuing after the auction with interested parties.

The Daily visited Scarlet Harem at the Avian St premises for the 2pm auction and, initially, no bidders were in sight.

There was one interested buyer though, but he had no plans of bidding at auction.

The buyer, who asked to remain anonymous, hopes to reopen the premises as a working brothel.

To do this he would have to go through the licensing process.

He would, however, be the proud owner of the large industrial site, fully equipped as a working brothel with numerous large beds, a stripper's pole, a sauna and all sorts of quirky memorabilia.

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There is even an ATM on site.

Moments after 2pm another prospective buyer walked through the doors and he did register for bidding.

But he appeared not keen to be identified as all negotiations with him were behind closed doors.

And then the auctioneer, who declined to be identified, left and it was explained that the property had been passed in.

Mr Cleeton said if negotiations couldn't be finalised overnight, it would go on the market with a price.

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Owner Paris Satine also appeared in time for the auction.

Ms Satine has not been seen since the brothel closed its doors.

She said she was recovering from serious spinal surgery, which was why she had decided to sell up.

Proudly in the entrance to the brothel sits a thick book highlighting all the newspaper clips and excerpts of the brothel's colourful history.

It details the opposition there was to the opening of the brothel when Ms Satine applied for it through the then Maroochy Shire Council in 2002.

Once it was approved, Ms Satine held an opening party to remember and all the invitees and their emails of rejection or acceptance were available for all to see.

Ms Satine said it was "time to go".

"Because of my health, I had to sell. I had major spinal surgery," she said.

"I'm now permanently disabled."

Her plans for the future were to learn to "scuba dive again" and also to spend more time with the family and "smell the roses".

She has left the Sunshine Coast permanently to "be closer to my surgeon".

She teared up as she considered what she had achieved in 14 years.

"I am proud of what I've done. It was an absolute dream," she said.

All of the brothel's interior decorating was personally done by Ms Satine.

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The Egyptian room she was interviewed in was inspired by her trip to Egypt.

The red carpet throughout didn't look tacky. It was surprising how clean and luxurious the site is.

Ms Satine said she was disappointed the property didn't sell under the hammer but was confident a deal would be reached quickly.

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