SOLID KNOCK: Scorchers batsman Alecz Day in an earlier game. He scored a century against Uni but it wasn't enough to win the two-day clash.
SOLID KNOCK: Scorchers batsman Alecz Day in an earlier game. He scored a century against Uni but it wasn't enough to win the two-day clash. Patrick Woods

Scorchers succumb to first innings defeat to University

CRICKET: The Sunshine Coast fell to a first innings defeat to Queensland Premier Grade heavyweight University of Queensland at At Lucia on Saturday.

Sixth of 12 teams on the ladder, the Scorchers resumed on day two of the two-day clash on 7/243 and subsequently made 295.

Scott Walter took 5/68 to significantly lessen the blow from day one centuries by Nick Selman and Alecz Day.

Then the second-placed host reeled in the target with seven wickets in hand and with about an hour left to play.

Ben Davis caused most of the damage with an unbeaten century.

"We probably just didn't bowl well enough," Day said.

"It was a flat pitch and they're a very good side but we didn't bowl anywhere near our potential and that's what probably cost us in the end.

"When you come up against good players on good pitches, you've got to raise your level and we just didn't do that with the ball."

Day said the Scorchers probably needed more runs on the board too.

"We probably would have liked to have batted closer to lunch. They probably had a little bit too long to get not enough runs," he said.

"On a pitch like that you probably need to be making 300-plus."

The Scorchers will on Sunday compete in the opening two games of their Twenty20 campaign in Brisbane, against Toombul and Norths.

"It will be a nice refresher, so hopefully we can bounce back," Day said.

"We always look forward to playing a bit of T20 cricket. It's something different.

"It is exciting and fun but it does take a lot out of you.

"We're playing two games back-to-back so it's going to be tough, and backing up on a Sunday after we bowled most of the day on Saturday, so the boys will have to work hard.

"We have had a lot of success with T20 cricket over the last couple of years so we'd like to keep that going."



Queensland Premier Grade

Round 11, two-day match at St Lucia

University of Queensland v Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast 1st innings

N Selman LBW Walter 101

B Mahaffey c Henry b Philippson 32

A Day b Walter 100

J Bazley LBW Walter 3

J Mathys b Holliday 0

B Maher c Forrest b Holliday 0

K Francis-Griggs LBW Walter 22

S Gardiner LBW Walter 0

J Turbull c gardiner b Holliday 24

W Johnston not out 0

Extras: 3

Total: 295

Overs: 93

Fall: 87, 215, 233, 234, 234, 238, 238, 261, 295, 295

Bowling: S Walter 26-10-68-5, J Holliday 29-7-64-3, D Endersby 13-8-18-0, J Chinn 9-1-40-0, M Philipson 21.2-4-77-2, S Henry 8-0-26-0.

University of Queensland 1st innings

S Henry c Turnbull b Maher 29

P Forrest c Mahaffet b A Day 65

B Davis not out 102

M Philipson c Turbull b Francis-Griggs 41

J Coetzee not out 53

Extras: 11

Total: 3/301

Overs: 63.2

Fall: 70, 120, 182

Bowling: AR renouf 17-5-50-0, W Johnston 10-1-64-0, B Maher 16.2-3-67-1, A Day 8-1-58-1, K Francis-Griggs 9-1-54-1, N Selman 1-0-2-0.

University of Queensland won on first innings by seven wickets.

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