IN ACTION: Captain Sam Gardiner plays for for the Scorchers in a game earlier this year.
IN ACTION: Captain Sam Gardiner plays for for the Scorchers in a game earlier this year. Che Chapman

Scorchers win one, lose some on busy weekend

CRICKET: It was a mixed weekend of results for the Scorchers, which completed three games in two days.

The Sunshine Coast fell to a first innings defeat to end a two-day contest at St Lucia on Saturday before winning one of two Twenty20 games at Deagon on Sunday.

"The boys are pretty tired, which is pretty understandable," captain Sam Gardiner said.

"There's been a couple of hot days, especially at the uni.

"We're a bit disappointed about Saturday but with one from two on Sunday we're still in the mix in the T20 (competition) and are pretty keen to make a good fist of it next weekend (in the next two T20 games at Buderim)

Indeed, it was in the longer format where things hurt most.

The Scorchers - sixth on a 12-team ladder - resumed its clash with Queensland Premier Grade juggernaut University of Queensland on 7/243 and subsequently made 295.

Then second-placed Uni reeled in the target with seven wickets in hand and with about an hour left to play, but only 15 minutes before rain arrived.

"We probably just didn't bowl well enough," all-rounder Day said.


On Sunday, the Scorchers went back to Brisbane to compete in the opening two games of their Twenty20 campaign in Brisbane, against Toombul and then Norths.

In the former, Day smashed 72 runs off 51 balls to propel his side to 8/152 before James Bazley's 4/7 led to Toombul's 107. Joahs Mathys and Kobi Griggs took great catches.

"We were pretty clinical in all facets," Gardiner said.

In the latter, Norths were restricted to 7/147 but the Scorchers could only make 9/132 in reply after losing five scalps within nine overs.

The Scorchers reached the T20 final last year.


Queensland Premier Grade, round 12 Twenty20 match at Deagon.

Sunshine Coast v Toombul

Sunshine Coast innings

N Selman c Shuard b Rowley 0

A Day c Webster b Rowley 72

J Bazley c Hemphrey b White 26

B Maher c Rowley b White 16

K Francis-Griggs LBW White 1

K Dickfos c Wood b Shuard 19

J Mathys b Shuard 1

A Renouf c Shuard b Rowley 0

J Turnbull not out 1

W Johnston not out 7

Extras: 9

Total: 8/152

Overs: 20

Fall: 0, 42, 63, 72, 130, 139, 142, 144.

Bowling: S Rowley 4-0-23-3, M Thompson 3-0-32-0, P White 4-0-20-3, J Wood 1-0-17-0, C hemphrey 4-0-30-0, J Shuard 4-0-26-2.

Toombul innings

C Hemphrey LBW bazley 14

T Rowley c Francis-Griggs b bazley 5

J Webster c Mathys b Bazley 3

S Howse c Turnbull b bazley 2

P White c Bazley b Renouf 33

M Davis c&b Francis-Griggs 18

B Armstrong run out Mathys 0

S Rowley c Renouf b Gardiner 23

J Wood not out 6

M Thompson st Turnbull, b Gardiner 0

S Shuard run out Bazley 0

Extras: 3

Total: 107

Overs: 18.4

Fall: 19, 20, 25, 65, 65, 78, 106, 106, 107.

Bowling: A Renouf 4-0-36-1, J Bazley 3.4-1-704, A Day 4-0-18-1, S Gardiner 4-0-18-0, W Johnston 2-0-11-1, K Francis-Griggs 1-0-6-1.

Sunshine Coast won by 45 runs.


Queensland Premier Grade, round 13 Twenty20 match at Deagon on Sunday

Norths v Sunshine Coast

Norths innings

C Gannon c Turnbull b Day 0

B Bester b Francis-Griggs 18

K Fleming c Bazley b Gardiner 23

T Healy c Selman b Gardiner 12

J Prestwiddge b Johnston 58

M English c Dickfos b Day 6

C Bosch c Turnbull b Renouf 6

N Sale not out 11

M Gale not out 1

Extras: 12

Total: 7/147

Overs: 20

Fall: 0, 26, 55, 57, 92, 100, 141

Bowling: A Day 4-0-21-2, A Renouf 4-0-41-1, K Francis-Griggs 3-0-19-1, W Johnston 3-0-26-1, S Gardiner 4-0-22-2, B Maher 2-0-12-0.

Sunshine Coast innings

N Selman c Farrell b Gale 8

A Day c Fleming b Bosch 1

J Bazley c English b Bosch 5

B maher c gannon b Gale 23

K Francis-Griggs LBW Gale 5

K Dickfos c Gannon b Bosch 32

J Mathys run out Healy 2

J Turnbull run out Farrell 26

A Renouf c Prestwidge b Bosch 6

W Johnston not out 10

S Gardiner not out 1

Extras: 13

Total: 9/132

Overs: 20

Bowling: C Gannon 4-0-10-1, C Bosch 4-0-30-4, M gale 4-0-15-3, J prestwidge 3-0-12-0, P Morahan 3-0-17-0, P farrell 1-0-5-1, K Fleming 1-0-25-0.

Norths won by 15 runs.

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