Bark director Lindy Atkin.
Bark director Lindy Atkin.

Sculpting land form to suit art

THE tree-lined sandy shores of Boreen Point have become the fertile foundation for the environmental art of architects, Lindy Atkin and Steve Guthrie of Bark Design, Tinbeerwah.

For more than six weeks, Lindy and Steve - in collaboration with University of Queensland architectural students - have been building their installation as part of the 10-day floating land festival.

The intricate cut-out sculptural piece "Growth" features the Boronia Keysii (Noosa Shire's emblem flower). Underpinning the installation's simplicity is a complex theory of placement.

The Boreen Point site has undergone an the same analysis completed for any architectural project - including examination of topography, sun, angles, views and a professional survey.

Silver footsteps printed on the sealed black road will lead to specifically placed viewing seats, positions that point the eye to various scenes; among them horizons, Noosa National park and Noosa Hill.

"Growth will work to facilitate and spark conversations regarding sustainability, landscape and place making," Lindy said.

"Fundamentally, we are expressing a way of looking at the landscape. Different from just a 'nice view'."

Bark Design also believes that the creative and collaborative process is just as vital as the finished product and is documenting the process of "making" via social media. 'Growth's' story can be followed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook creating another dialogue and platform for collective thought.

The Floating Land festival merges arts and culture with science and environment providing something of interest for everyone within the extensive program of more than 150 free events.

The award-winning 10-day event, hosted by the Sunshine Coast Council, from today to June 9, has attracted a diverse range of international and national artists who will collaborate with local artists to celebrate nature in the lakeside haven and across the region.

For details about the Balance-Unbalance conference, turn to Page 11.

Some events

 All are welcome to attend the Wunya (Welcome) Ceremony, 4-7pm, tomorrow.

 The Floating Land Orchestra will deliver an original score based on the theme of nature's dialogue, composed by Andrew Veivers.

 The Judith Wright Tribute Evening, today at the Apollonian Hotel.

 Linsey Pollak's Cries Across the Water on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the festival.

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