SELF DEFENCE: Learning to look after themselves with the help of Martin Day.
SELF DEFENCE: Learning to look after themselves with the help of Martin Day. Contributed

Self-defence can keep kids safe

THIS is one sport that can save lives as well as build enormous character.

Noosa-based Combat Self Defence is a dynamic action program kids and adults love to do, as instructed by Seventh Dan Martin Day and his leadership team.

He said this offers a no-nonsense training with fast results.

"I teach my students a skill set that is based on Army Unarmed Combat that train intuitive movements that are powerfully effective against attackers regardless of their size or strength" said .

"I ensure they are armed with these unique skills from the very first class and feel secure in the knowledge that they can handle most if not all violent encounters."

Martin served for twenty years in the British Army and has taught self defence, self protection and the martial art of Filipino Kyusho all over the world.

Junior programs focus on fast-tracking children's overall character development; the programs have been tested and proven to lead children to become high achievers not only in training but at school as well. They become confident, super fit, strong and flexible whilst learning life skills and how to deal with bullies, anti-abduction, weapons and learn self discipline and respect.

Beginner classes for children and adults are on-going at Noosa Leisure Centre every Monday and Thursday. Watch out for a special offer coming your way next week. Book your 2 free trial classes now.

Call 5442 7849.

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