Serial stalker says he's too educated to offend

A MAN with three university degrees says he is too "educated" to have stalked or sent abusive text messages and sexual images to his former partner.

Jason Ronald Vaughan on Thursday  spent about 40 minutes trying to convince the Brisbane Supreme Court he should be released on bail and allowed to move from Brisbane to  Townsville to live with his family until his trial begins.

Speaking about himself in the third person, the 41-year-old skin care product manufacturer denied multiple charges of using a carriage service to harass and threaten to kill.

He also  rejected the prosecution's claim that he stalked his former partner between January 2013 and October last year.

Justice Peter Applegarth read out some of the alleged messages and said the victim also received video purportedly showing the defendant masturbating as well as pornographic images.

One message read: "if you go to the cops, you slimy weasel c*** I'll crowbar your door, spray your face with sulphuric acid, light your hair on fire and crow bar up your a****."

However, Mr Vaughan flatly rejected he sent any of the material.

"Those are not the words of an educated man," he said.

"The (text) messages in evidence are provocative and clearly designed to promote deep-seated primordial fear and emotional hurt and elicit feelings of revulsion and condemnation of the author.

"There is no physical evidence to link the applicant to the offences … the potential of the Crown to secure a conviction (is low)."

Crown Prosecutor Ben Jackson told the court Mr Vaughan was a serial stalker who had "offended against" five female victims  in 11 years.

Between 1984 and 2011, Mr Vaughan was convicted 14 times on charges similar to those he faced at court on Thursday.

He was not jailed for any of those offences.

Since being charged last October, the defendant has been behind bars for 239 days.

Mr Vaughan argued he deserved bail because his trial might not start until early next year.

He also said there was no evidence to back the charges.

"Your honour, the applicant is an educated man," Mr Vaughan said.

"He is eminently aware that if he contravenes  bail conditions he will be returned to the nightmare of jail.

"Jail is a nightmarish environment.

"This is the first time the applicant has been in custody and this would serve as a deterrent to any breaches of bail."

In rejecting the application, Justice Applegarth commented on the defendant's "mild" character.

"The messages are threatening, offensive, harassing and if he is the author of these messages it is totally inconsistent with the mild manner and moderate character he presents in court," the judge said.

However, Justice Applegarth said there was a high risk of the defendant re-offending.

"History  does show a past pattern of behaviour that  is concerning … the applicant seems to lack insight into the effect of his actions," Justice Applegarth said.

"I don't have a high degree of assurance that he may not, if granted bail, he might tend to form a relationship and harass other women in the community."

Justice Applegarth said he feared Mr Vaughan would contact the victim to try to get her to withdraw her statement.

"There is a risk that the applicant would attempt to contact the complainant, because that's what he did after police started investigating," he said.

"If the applicant is committed to trial then there is risk he will seek for her not to 'hurt him' and have 'mercy upon him'."

The committal hearing is scheduled to start on July 25. - ARM NEWSDESK

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