LOVE AFFAIR: Gelato Classico stirs the palate.
LOVE AFFAIR: Gelato Classico stirs the palate.

Serving Italy’s delicacy

VISIT Italy and head out to the streets on any late afternoon or early evening and you will surely see the locals at passeggiata.

Passeggiata is a lovely word for "gentle strolling" and the Italians do it so well.

They almost always do it with a gelato in hand, happily licking while they stroll, browse, greet friends and gossip.

While we may not be able to do "la passeggiata" around cobbled streets surrounded by handsome old buildings, we can certainly do it at Noosa Fair shopping centre where Italian-born Paolo Corsaro and his Australian wife Holly present authentic Italian gelati made on site using traditional methods.

Paolo began making gelati when he was a young boy in Italy watching his uncle, who owned a gelataria.

"I used to go to my uncle's shop and see how it was operating and I grew a passion for gelati," he said.

Learning from the family when you are young instils a dedication that lasts a lifetime.

Add to that Paolo's seven years spent living and working on the Amalfi coast with his wife Holly, and you have a man who loves his products and delivers the real thing.

"I brought all my equipment over from Italy," Paolo said. "I wanted to do something authentic Italian here in Noosa. Every gelati (maker) has his own recipes. It's like a chef. Everyone has his own way to make the flavours."

And what flavours they are: limoncello, Sicilian cassata, Pavlova amaretto, as well as the more traditional flavours. We particularly loved the salted caramel flavour...addictive.

Frozen yogurts are drawing a line-up of devotees, especially a creamy, no-sugar Greek-style frozen yogurt, which has proved a great hit with the weight-conscious.

"Everyone who discovers us comes back, our return clientele is very strong," Paolo said. As well as buying the gelati in cones to enjoy, you can purchase it in half-litre and one-litre tubs to take home and wow your dinner guests.

Sit down at Gelato Classico for organic coffee, freshly baked cakes and muffins, a fresh juice, or a frappe. Watching the locals at la passeggiata around Noosa Fair? Not quite the same as Italy but, we can learn a lot from the way Italians milk every moment of the day for enjoyment.


Gelato Classico

Noosa Fair Shopping Centre, Next to Coles.

Lanyana Way.

0412 569 809

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