Sex in the City - the Movie

When it comes to the big screen, they don’t come bigger than the only movie that has Mr Big.

That’s right, the premiere of the Sex and the City movie is only days away and after years of talk and rumours, months of filming and even more months of anticipation, the moment has nearly arrived.

After changing the way women (and men) viewed sex, fashion and themselves in the ‘90s, Sex and the City became an institution.

Manolo Blahniks became a regular part of the vernacular, Cosmopolitans became the beverage of choice, gays became a girl’s best friend and each week we waited with bated breath for the antics of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie.

On Thursday night, hundreds of high heels will clack along pavements for the premiere of this movie which, if groundswell is anything to go by, is already set to be a smash hit.

And Noosa fans aren’t going to miss out on the excitement with the Sunshine Coast Style Awards being held at Noosa Cinemas on opening night before a screening of the movie.

But the question on everybody’s lips is: What is going to happen?

The previews for the film show Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker) wearing a wedding dress. Does that mean her and Big finally tie the knot?

Will Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Harry (Evan Handler) have their very own baby?

Does the age-gap relationship between Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Smith (Jason Lewis) survive?

Does ice-queen Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) finally melt?

All questions are about to be answered.

Production notes released by the movie’s producers list filming locations as outside Saks and Tiffany’s so we can be assured the high-glamour fashion will remain the same, but have the cast remained the same?

Despite some glitches to do with salary in original negotiations that meant Kim Cattrall pulled out of the movie, those issues have been ironed out so all the girls are back, all their boyfriends\husbands and many of their friends, plus their are some exciting guest appearances to look forward to from several of the key guests from the series.

But to find out the real plot of the story we will have to wait until Thursday night.

Advance tickets are on sale now at Noosa Cinemas, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out, when Sex and the City finally opens, get in fast because these will surely be the hottest item to have inside your Dior handbag.

WHAT: Sex and the City – the Movie
STARS: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Jennifer Hudson, Lynn Cohen
WHERE: Noosa Cinemas
WHEN: Opens June 5
TICKETS: Advance tickets on sale now
INFO: 5447 5130

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