A court has heard that a man was kidnapped at gunpoint.
A court has heard that a man was kidnapped at gunpoint.

Sex with mate's ex leads to kidnapping at gunpoint

WHEN Wayne Andrew Russell found out one of his close mates had impregnated his then former girlfriend, he pulled out a rifle, pointed it at his friend and threatened to kill him.

That was just the beginning of a drama-filled day for everyone involved.

The details of the love triangle were described in Bundaberg District Court yesterday as Russell, 34, pleaded guilty to one count each of threatening violence, deprivation of liberty and attempting to corrupt witnesses.

Crown prosecutor David Finch told the court how Russell had invited the victim to his home on July 26 last year and the pair started smoking marijuana.

At the time, although Russell had broken up with his girlfriend, the couple had been in a relationship for about three years and had a son, now 22 month old.

Russell had learnt after he and his girlfriend had broken up, the woman had fallen on hard times and the victim had offered her a place at his home.

"While she was there they had a physical relationship and she fell pregnant," Mr Finch said.

"She subsequently suffered a miscarriage."

Russell confronted the victim about the tryst and an argument ensued before Russell sent another friend, who was at the home, to retrieve a package from underneath his home.

The package turned out to be a .22 rifle, which Russell unwrapped and pointed at the victim, threatening to kill him.

Russell then forced the victim to ring the woman and talk about the pregnancy.

The victim was then forced into a car and the trio drove around Bundaberg for some time before the victim was able to escape from the vehicle.

Mr Finch said Russell then told the victim's family to encourage the victim to not make a complaint to police or to at the least suggest it was simply an argument that got out of hand.

He then told the driver the same thing.

Defence barrister Claire Boothman argued that Russell had a marijuana and alcohol problem, may have an undiagnosed mental health condition and told the court that the particular time of year the incident happened was difficult for Russell as it coincided with the anniversary of his son's death in 2003.

Ms Boothman said Russell had hopes of reconciling with his girlfriend who had visited him during his incarceration.

Ms Boothman closed by saying there was no actual physical violence inflicted upon the victim.

Judge Brian Devereaux told the court Russell had shown he was capable of being unreasonably dangerous.

Judge Devereaux also had to take into consideration pleas of guilt for two unrelated offences; an assault of an ambulance officer on June 7 and a failure to appear in court on July 25, both last year.

On June 7, paramedics were called to Russell's home where he was found naked in the bathroom before he began running around the home.

Mr Finch said Russell then ran out of his home into an ambulance, charging at a paramedic like "a bull" and knocking him over while yelling that he needed to be sedated, before fleeing the scene

Russell was later found by police naked in a shower at a Bundy gym.

Russell was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in total including time already served and a fixed parole release date of July 26 this year.

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