Vladimir Putin in action.
Vladimir Putin in action.

Shirtfront Putin: Why PM needs Chuck Norris...

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott might want to think again about his plans to "shirtfront'' Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader, named last year as the most powerful person alive by Forbes, is a keen martial artist -  and has even been awarded a ninth Dan ranking in Taekwondo by the World Taekwondo Federationl.

While the title is only honorary, it puts him on paper ahead of world-renowned martial artist and Total Gym guru Chuck Norris.

Norris reportedly holds an eighth-degree black belt in the discipline.

Others to have earned the honorary black belts include US president Barack Obama.

The Huffington Post reported last year that Putin had earned a black belt in judo and allegedly won a judo championship during his youth in Leningrad.

In 2008, the Russian president released an instructional video in 2008, titled "Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin," in which he shared his favourite judo techniques.


Lambie blasts Abbott for 'immature comments'

Meanwhile, outspoken Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie has rebuked Mr Abbott for his comment, labelling it "immature".

Mr Abbott made the comments when confirming he would hold talks with Mr Putin at next month's G20 summit over the death of Australians in the MH17 disaster.

Who would win in a fight between Abbott and Putin?

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Abbott. One look at those budgie smugglers and Putin would run


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Senator Lambie told the ABC that Mr Abbott must realise he is no longer in the school yard and she appealed to the Government to maintain a civil relationship with Mr Putin.



"Yeah, I do like Vladimir Putin," she told the ABC's Radio National.

"I think he has very strong leadership. He has great values.

"He's certainly doing his bit to stamp out terrorism and you know, I guess you've got to pay the man for that."

Victims' son says time to push for Russian co-operation

THE attendance of Vladimir Putin at next month's G20 summit in Brisbane was an opportunity for the West to push for Russia's co-operation in the investigation into the MH17 tragedy and lasting peace in the Ukraine.

Paul Guard, son of MH17 victims Toowoomba residents Dr Roger and Dr Jill Guard, said he was "not unhappy" that the Russian president was coming to the G20 summit and saw it as an opportunity to push for Russian co-operation.

"Uninviting him doesn't achieve much," Mr Guard said. "It's important Russia cooperates in the investigation."

The West had a part to play in re-establishing peace in the Ukraine and needed to press Mr Putin for support.

"The only way the Ukraine can get a good deal is if the West stands up to Russia...," Mr Guard said.

Mr Guard's parents were among 283 passengers and 15 crew who perished after their Malaysian Airlines flight 17 exploded and crashed over the Ukraine in July.

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