Costco North Lakes opens its doors today.
Costco North Lakes opens its doors today.

Shoppers swarm the doors of Costco for their first glimpse

THE cult of Costco will consume North Lakes today when the fourth store in Australia opens its doors.

Some shoppers were expected to camp overnight to ensure they made it through the door.

On nearby roads, flashing signs will warn of congestion.

But those brave enough to face the crowds and the queues should be pleasantly rewarded.

Whether you are after a golf buggy, a diamond ring, a new boat, enough chocolate to put you in a food coma or endless amounts of toilet paper, Costco seems to have it.

Karyn Newton, of Caboolture, said she would be driving straight from work at Maroochydore tonight to meet her family of seven at the store.

"I've been waiting so long for it to open. I'm excited it's coming at last," she said.

Mrs Newton discovered Costco on a recent trip to Melbourne, where she signed up.

"I'm happy with the membership price. It's only $60 a year,'' she said.

Since joining, Mrs Newton has signed up her mother-in-law, her youngest son and a friend.

Keen fans are already taking advantage of the cheap fuel, which averages about 20c cheaper than other outlets.

Almost 5000 people are members of the Costco Australia Geeks page on Facebook.

The group had some key advice for would-be shoppers: make sure you're a member first.

They advised signing up online at before you leave to avoid lengthy queues.

Costco North Lakes opens at 8am.


Some of the things you don't need but always wanted and can now get easily at Costco:

Spa baths

Human-sized teddy bears

1.8kg jars of jelly beans


Diamond rings

Golf buggies

10kg boxes of chocolate

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