Edwina Tops-Alexander has moved into the final of the showjumping final.
Edwina Tops-Alexander has moved into the final of the showjumping final. Getty Images Sport - Mike Hewitt

Showjumping pair into final

AUSTRALIA'S leading showjumping ladies Edwina Tops-Alexander and Julia Hargreaves have secured their spot in Wednesday's jumping final after strong performances in today's third round qualifier.

Impressive riding by both ladies in front of the 22,000 strong crowd saw them selected in the top 35 riders that progress through to the medal round.

Tops-Alexander had one rail down today to finish in fourth place with a total of four penalty points. But with everyone going back to zero points for the final, sheadmits the real work is yet to come.

"The Olympics for me doesn't start til the final. That's where it's going to get tough, that's where it will sort everyone out," she said.

The 38-year-old has been working towards her dream of an Olympic medal for many years, and she said she has it firmly in her sights.

"You've got to look for it, you've got to stay positive, got to have your focus on that. That's what we're all here for essentially," she said.

Come Wednesday's final it won't just be her that needs to be prepared, she'll need to ensure her horse Cevo Itot du Chateau, is ready.

"I had to work a bit harder than Itot today but yesterday he had to work a bit harder than me - it's all a balancing act.

"It's all about the horse trusting you, the horse believing in you, horses are so sensitive and they have amazing instincts."

For Julia Hargreaves her Olympic debut has been a dream come true, having only one rail down and one time fault today to finish on 12 penalty points and secure her spot in the final.

She has admitted she has had to battle the nerves coming into the biggest event of her young career, but she says she and her horse Vedor are getting better as the competition continues.

"He's (Vedor) actually a really good Games horse. He is getting better every day and I get more comfortable every day so it's a combination of all those things," she said.

For fellow Aussie James Paterson-Robinson, there was just one too many rails down today finishing with 21 penalty points, sitting just outside the top 35 in 41st place.

The medal day for the showjumping will be on Wednesday 8 August starting at midday.

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