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NOOSA Chamber of Commerce is seeking community support for businesses sites affected by a bungle in the council’s tender process.

President Carl Beck has established an online petition to “make enough noise” so two sites – a takeaway ice-cream van and a stand-up paddle boarding school – can get back on their feet.

Mr Beck first lashed out at the bureaucratic bungling of the tendering process after watching some long-standing successful businesses miss out and one surf school being awarded a beach permit only to have it withdrawn after Council extended the old permits until 2013.

The final straw was the council’s withdrawal of the ice-cream and refreshment vending business permit at Noosa Spit.

A mobile van had been operating at the site for years, but when the successful tenderer pulled out, the site was cancelled.

“It’s been a debacle from the very beginning. The bureaucrats

have made an absolute mess of it,” Mr Beck said.

“The Noosa Chamber of Commerce have thrown their support behind both businesses in the way of a petition online where everybody can lodge their name as a protest to the way the tendering system has been handled.”

Mr Beck said the tender bungle was just another example why Noosa needed its own council again.

“This council is too big and doesn’t necessarily understand the position of local business.

“It’s a real travesty in some ways,” he said.

The petition will be presented to Cr Russell Green, who put forward a successful motion to revisit the tendering for the two sites.

“That means they will throw two sites open to tender again, so anyone can nominate,” Mr Beck said.

“But hopefully they will do the right thing and give tenders to the people who should have got them in the first place.

“We now have the chance to make enough noise to get these sites back so the affected small local businesses so they can get their lives back on track.”

Go to to sign the petition.

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