Sign warning to stem speedsters

Speeding vehicles are now on Noosa Council's radar.
Speeding vehicles are now on Noosa Council's radar. Contributed

ONE of Noosa's road speed hotspots is going to be the site for the first deployment of a new council device which combines radar and a message board to signal local leadfoots.

The radar-activated variable message sign worth more than $21,000 is being used at Kauri Street at Cooroy in response to complaints about vehicles speeding past the street's childcare centres and dance school.

A recent evaluation by Brisbane City Council found that such signs were effective in slowing around 40% of speeding vehicles.

"At Kauri Street we've tailored the message to remind speeding drivers they're putting children's lives at risk,” said project officer Joanna Ferris.

"Every kilometre over the speed limit increases the risk of tragedy, particularly in areas where children are out and about and crossing roads.

"The beauty of these signs is that they are mobile so we can move them around council's road network at the request of police, or in response to calls from the community.

"We know from other councils' experience that they do help reduce speeding,” Ms Ferris said.

As part of the funding agreement council officers are required to monitor its performance and effectiveness of curbing speeding behaviour, which will be ongoing over the course of the next 12 months.

The Queensland Government Community Road Safety Grants funded board reacts to speeding vehicles, causes the VMS to display the speed limit, the vehicle's speed, and a message urging the driver to slow down.

According to council, VMS signs use LED technology and solar power, making them a great addition to road safety, and one that supports the council's recently launched zero emissions target.

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