Simone Buchanan defends paid interview on alleged sex abuser

FORMER Hey Dad! star Simone Buchanan has defended taking money for an interview which aired allegations against her co-star Robert Hughes.

The 46-year-old, who is giving evidence in the sexual assault trial currently being heard in Sydney's District Court, admitted to taking part in a televised interview ahead of Hughes' extradition from the UK.

She told the court it "completely normal" in her industry to receive a fee "if you do a show like that".

Earlier, Ms Buchanan told the trial she had never witnessed him touching anyone inappropriately but had heard allegations.

She said one young woman confided in her that "Robert just showed me his d***".

The Herald reported a previous witness had admitted lying under oath when she denied setting up a social media account under an assumed name to air the allegations against Hughes ahead of his trial.

She claims Hughes exposed himself to her and "waggled his penis" in her direction in a backstage dressing room.

Hughes has pleaded not guilty to 11 charges relating to the indecent assault of females in the 80s.

The trial continues.

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