UNFAIR: Ngairi Beamish.
UNFAIR: Ngairi Beamish.

Single mum fears for job

A SINGLE mum may struggle to keep her job helping special needs clients after losing her licence due to speeding fines that are not all her doing.

Current laws mean Ngairi Beamish, who lives at Yaroomba but works 50 minutes away in the hinterland, can not apply for a work licence, even though those guilty of more serious drink driving offences have that option.

She needs a licence to drive clients to appointments.

"I've hitched to work a few times ... and paid for taxis to take my clients around to keep my job," Ms Beamish said outside Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday.

Her troubles started last year when she had no permanent address while going through a separation.

uring that time she lent her car to at least two other people.

Her "P" licence was suspended in September due to accumulated points, some for infringements she believes were not her doing.

She wrote to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry requesting it remove some "offences".

Ms Beamish told the court she later phoned police and was advised that her licence was not suspended.

However, on February 7, on the way to work, she was pulled over on the Bruce Hwy at Forest Glen and learned she was in fact driving with a suspended licence.

Ms Beamish was fined $100 yesterday and disqualified from driving for six months.

Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan was sympathetic but noted that Ms Beamish's claims were no defence.

"You're saying someone else used your car?'' Ms Callaghan asked.

"Yes," Ms Beamish responded.

"You have to be really careful who you lend your car to. Keep a record of it."

Ms Beamish said it was unfair that people on drink driving offences can get a work licence.

"I just have to hope to keep my job. It took me two years to find one here," she said.

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