Our readers are itching for the six lane Bruce Highway upgrade from the Coast to Caboolture.
Our readers are itching for the six lane Bruce Highway upgrade from the Coast to Caboolture.

YOUR CONVERSATION: I'll take the six lane highway thanks!

WHILE Sunshine Coast Council may have five priorities, it seems the community has their eyes set on one - a six-lane Bruce Highway upgrade from Caboolture to the Coast.

Earlier this week we asked the Daily's online readers to pick their choice of the following "region-making" projects nominated under the Strong Choices Investment Program: North Coast rail upgrade, six-lane Bruce Highway upgrade, Sunshine Coast Motorway and Nicklin Way road upgrades, an improved bus service and more entertainment facilities.

The options surfaced as the Sunshine Coast began to lobby the State Government for the region's share of $8.6 billion for infrastructure if its assets sales went ahead.

Mayor Mark Jamieson put the call out to the community to share their views on the priorities, in an attempt to catch the government's attention.

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Armed with information on why each project should be considered for cash, more than 39% of the Daily's online readers said they felt the six-lane highway upgrade was what they wanted most.

This was closely followed by the North Coast Rail upgrade, favoured by 29% of respondents.

The Daily's Facebook followers were vocal about the choices.

Margaret Higgs felt the six-lane upgrade was most needed because she found the road dangerous to drive on.

"Just hate having to go to Brisbane and using that bit of road," she said.

However, some felt the highway was fine as it was, but drivers needed to better follow the road rules.

"Six lanes Caboolture to Sunshine Coast isn't actually needed if people keep to the left unless overtaking," Shane Lewis said.

Some respondents felt other important areas had not been adequately addressed, such as an airport upgrade, better protection for heritage sites and more affordable housing.