GP Raymond Douglas McKenzie was sentenced for sexually assaulting his patient while she slept.
GP Raymond Douglas McKenzie was sentenced for sexually assaulting his patient while she slept.

Sleazy doc says sleep apnea made him sexually attack patient

A COAST doctor has been sentenced for sexually assaulting a long-term patient while she was asleep.

Raymond Douglas McKenzie, 72, placed his hands on the woman's breasts, vagina and thighs on the outside of her clothing and forcibly kissed her while she slept after a social event they both attended in July 2016.

Police prosecutor Melissa Campbell said McKenzie, from Boreen Point, was significantly intoxicated at the Cambroon venue when he sexually assaulted the "really vulnerable woman".

"The assaults happened after the victim had gone to sleep …" Senior Sergeant Campbell said.

"And after the first time the victim had removed herself from the situation, found her friend, reported what had happened and because of the circumstances they had decided to remain sleeping there and then she has been subject to the sexual assault again.

"She reported long-term social, physical, social, financial and psychological impacts."

The closing statement of the victim's impact statement said: "I trusted Doctor McKenzie and relied on him for medical services as well as seeing him as someone who knew my background and could be trusted. I feel deeply betrayed by him".

Sen-Sgt Campbell said McKenzie knew the woman was a victim of another sexual assault, which occurred two years prior to this incident.

"An assault, which had an enormous impact on her," Sen-Sgt Campbell said.

"An assault which the defendant knew too well about because he was counselling her about the impacts of that prior sexual assault."

At Noosa Magistrates Court today McKenzie pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault.

Sen-Sgt Campbell said a letter written by McKenzie tried to excuse his actions where he said there was "misconstrued consent".

The letter also talked about his remorse for his profession, remorse for his partner and remorse about his fall from grace.

The court heard McKenzie's sleep apnoea, which he wasn't diagnosed with at the time, caused sleep deprivation, which affected his decision making.

"At the time this offence occurred in 2016 he was still a practising GP during which time we hope he was not making stupid decisions," Sen-Sgt Campbell said.

" … In fact he continued to practise for another two years."

Counsel Michael Woodford said McKenzie had worked as a medical practitioner his entire life but recently retired.

He highlighted that McKenzie had known the victim for a long period outside of their doctor-patient relationship.

"The explanation seems reasonably clear, it's a combination of undiagnosed sleep apnoea at that time along with the consumption of alcohol," Mr Woodford said.

"It was one night of madness."

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said McKenzie's actions had a detrimental effect on the victim.

"It's degrading, offensive, and I've already put on the record the trauma … you have caused," Mr Stjernqvist said.

McKenzie's wife and daughter sat in court as he was sentenced to six months' jail, suspended for 18 months.

He was ordered to pay $1500 in compensation to his victim.

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