Watch: Hail smashes into cars on highway

Smashed by supercell on Bruce Hwy: DASHCAM FOOTAGE

STARTLING footage has emerged of the moment a supercell storm smashed into the Sunshine Coast, causing chaos on the Bruce Hwy.

The dashcam footage was uploaded to YouTube shortly after the storm hit on Saturday afternoon. It was shot near Coles Creek on the Sunshine Coast.

It shows the storm approaching before it sparks strong winds, heavy rain and large hail, forcing many motorists off the Bruce Hwy.

While the vehicle fitted with the dashcam stops, many other vehicles keep driving despite very low visibility and large hailstones.

The hailstones smash into the vehicle, even knocking off one of the side mirrors.

"That is massive," the driver is heard saying. "We have cricket balls.

"My car is trashed again."

The motorist with the dashcam gets out of his vehicle after the storm has passed to inspect the damage.

"She was a ripper!" he exclaims.

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