New cycling laws come into effect today.
New cycling laws come into effect today. Allan Reinikka

'Dangerous' new cycling laws 'put all road users at risk'

LETTER OF THE DAY: As of today motorists (Queensland) will have to keep a minimum one-metre distance when passing cyclists (1.5m if over 60kmh).

This new regulation is fraught with problems. There is no mention of how close the cyclist has to ride to the edge of the road.

Apparently, there will be no enforcement of cyclists riding two and more abreast.

This alone is a most dangerous practice and should be proscribed and cyclists penalised for doing so.

What about highways where there is no shoulder for the cyclist to ride on and it is a windy road and heavy vehicles coming upon the cyclist have to brake suddenly?

There are many questions that could be raised about the government going down the usual road of making a "one size fits all" regulation. There will be instances when motorists have to make split-second decisions which could be disastrous.

Time will tell if this latest foray into government regulation will prove to be as well thought-out as the motorcycle gang laws.

Our legislators profess themselves to be wise but, in reality, the opposite applies.

  • JAY NAUSS, Glen Aplin

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