SOAP BOX: Hanson should front up about policy

YESTERDAY, I was compelled to read a story published online by the Daily about Pauline Hanson's One Nation ripping one of its controversial, but central, policies off other websites.

Judging by our online figures at the time, it seemed many readers were also keen to see what it was all about. But on the Sunshine Coast Daily's Facebook feed, users were posting comments like "slow news day?" and "the more you slag her, the more I will vote for her".

Recently joining the sports desk means I don't typically delve into the nitty gritty of federal politics. I mightn't be an avid consumer of news relating to the subject, but I do take somewhat of an interest.

After all, it's only the future of our country and our children at stake.

When a politician - who the Australian public is supposed to trust to voice their concerns in our parliament - rips key policies from other websites, it's not a story saved for a slow news day.

It's a very serious issue and something that Ms Hanson should front up about.

The comments posted on the story concerned me for a number of reasons, not least that someone would change their vote simply because a newspaper called out an elected leader for publishing a borrowed policy. The comments don't hurt: journalists are big enough and, in my case, ugly enough to take the criticism.

What does upset me is how disconnected from serious issues Australian voters have become.

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