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Woodford Folk Festival starts on December 27.
Woodford Folk Festival starts on December 27. Contributed

TOMORROW will be the first of December and you know what that means, don't you?

We'll tear the November page away from the calendar and begin the most important count down of the year.

Twenty-six day until Woodford Folk Festival.

I first experienced one of Australia's biggest annual cultural festivals in 2012 but mystical images of Woodfordia had been part of my consciousness for years beforehand.

A friend - who used to live more in the moment than anyone I've ever met - filled my mind with with visions of fire and magic, hand-made philosophies and new adventures.

I pictured monsters and fairies, hippies and crusted-on old folk musos, fairies, painted faces and awe-inspiring performances.

When I stepped through the gates four years later I spent a whole day wandering around the dusty festival streets, floating in a haze of happiness, wishing I could "live inside Woodfordia forever”.

It was all the things I had expected; better even.

Yes it can be blisteringly hot, but in 2013 when the temperature reached 42 degrees and the breeze did not exist I made friends with strangers with water spray bottles.

Yes, it can pour with rain, but when it's been 42 degrees what better way to cool off while you're dancing along with Clare Bowditch in the dark?

If I had to choose, I'd gladly skip Christmas to get to Woodfordia, even if it was just for a few days.

Roll on December.

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