SOAPBOX: Oh Huey, please bring us big swells

WHERE has the surf been for the last few months?

Winter is almost over and we've barely had any big swells for the whole season.

We had one weekend of waves in June but apart from that winter has been a big ol' wave drought.

The winter on the Sunshine Coast that I know is full of offshore winds and three-foot waves every single morning.

It's usually almost guaranteed that you can roll out of bed, into a wetsuit and down to the open beaches and find something rideable.

The last several weeks though have been choppy half-a-foot slop every single day.

I can't even remember the last time the surf picked up to be over four foot and was not looking like a washing machine.

There's 14 days of winter left though for Huey, the surf god, to make it up to us so I thought I'd say a prayer on behalf of all the surfers on the Coast.

Dear Huey,

We here on the Sunshine Coast don't ask for much.

We share our waves with hundreds of tourists and don't mind when you give the Gold Coast bigger and better surf than us.

We don't mind in the summer when the wind ruins the surf by 11am and we understand when you choose to send a cyclone swell to New South Wales instead of up here.

With two weeks left of winter we're asking you to find it in your heart to provide us with endless perfect conditions up until spring starts, or for the rest of time if you choose.

Yours sincerely,

The Sunshine Coast.

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