SOAPBOX: Old favourites are still hard to beat

I ALWAYS have room for dessert.

You bake it and I'll make room for it. I can't say no to cake.

I truly believe I have an extra stomach especially for this culinary delight because it does not matter what you feed me for dinner there is always space for it to fit within.

I am no trendy foodie that's for sure. I can't see what on earth possesses people to eat sushi, drink coffee or spread Nutella onto their toast, but serve me up a good old pav and I'm there.

Cooking shows bore me. What's the point watching if I can't taste it?

My all-time favourite is pavlova loaded with sweet cream and fruit.

It's the good old-fashioned stuff my mum and nanna would whip up after dinner and on special occasions, fairly simple but ever soooooo delicious.

I have fond memories of self-saucing chocolate pudding.

My nanna was an expert and I'm talking a real nanna here, not the supermarket frozen variety.

My mum's Christmas pudding looked like it was rotting tied under the house wrapped in cloth but what a mouth-watering delight when set alight and served with brandy sauce.

My sister can cook anything and everything.

She clearly spent way more time in the kitchen with nanna and mum than I did.

I've learnt to cook a few of their perfectly delicious specialities. They are not quite the same but my kids loved them.

So roll on cold winter nights, you don't scare me.

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