Bulcock Beach.
Bulcock Beach. John McCutcheon

Soapbox: Positive traits gel to save a life

THE combined efforts of those who saved a drowning man at Caloundra exemplify the positive traits of the community.

Welsh tourist Alan Broughton was floating along in the current at Bulcock Beach on November 7 when he got into trouble.

He was unconscious by the time his younger brother Keith got to him.

A nearby fisherman bravely jumped in to help retrieve Alan from the water after noticing he was in trouble.

Young lifeguard Daniel Robinson was on patrol a few hundred metres away.

It was the first time he would have to use his training for a real-life resuscitation.

Alan was for all intents and purposes dead when Mr Robinson got there.

He had no pulse, was not breathing, was not responding and had lost a lot of colour.

Mr Robinson immediately knew to call for back-up from his fellow lifeguards on patrol at Kings Beach.

Paramedics were already on their way.

He then used his equipment to start saving the man's life.

Paramedics and his lifeguard colleagues soon arrived and continued working on Alan until his pulse returned.

Mr Robinson backed himself and his training and it paid off.

The fisherman's vigilance and bravery, Mr Robinson's preparedness and self confidence, his colleagues' quick response and determination and the skill and cool heads of the paramedics all combined to save a life.

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