Concern over Horton Park redevelopment open space

IF YOU have an interest in the future of the region's major business hub, today is your last chance to have a say. The deadline for public input for the massive redevelopment of the Horton Park Golf Course closes today at 4.30pm.

One nearby resident fears revisions of the plan over the years have systematically reduced the open public space on the 62ha site.

The woman said a 2009 assurance by Sunshine Coast Council committed to maintaining about 8000sq m of open space and lakes at the southern end of the site, but new plans have much of that area replaced by eight-story residential buildings.

"Originally they said the Maroochydore CBD would remain 40% open space, but each time the plan is revised the open space diminishes, and that's not good for the population, for future generations, and the flora and fauna on the site."

"Lots of residents in this area are writing letters and having a say."

However, a council spokeswoman said large areas remained open space in the latest plans.

"Of the 53 hectares of undeveloped golf course land, about 21 hectares - or almost 40% - will be dedicated to open space of various forms," the spokeswoman said. "This will include waterways, shaded picnic and seating areas, open lawns, playgrounds, boardwalks and promenades and civic/plaza spaces.

"The proposed development scheme is on public notification until March 17, and the community is invited to have a say via council's website -"

Regional Project Portfolio holder, Cr Tim Dwyer, said Maroochydore's CBD would help build and strengthen the region.

"Council's investment to acquire the Horton Park Golf Club site will allow for the building of much-needed infrastructure to service the region's new city heart," he said. "This massive project, which will be delivered over the next 20 years, will provide a mix of residential, commercial, retail and community uses to create a thriving city centre."

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