ON A TREASURE HUNT: Minnie Crundle (Kathy Hickson) in The Op-Shop Ladies.
ON A TREASURE HUNT: Minnie Crundle (Kathy Hickson) in The Op-Shop Ladies. CONTRIBUTED

Sprinkle of creative licence adds flavour

BY THE time a play opens, a lot of creative water has gone under the writing bridge.

Firstly, the script, good or bad, has to be created, then seats must be sold and publicity has to be created.

That's just theatre, but in all daily walks of life, there are a great many strains of creative writing. I observed over past weeks, that, surprisingly, one is hospital menu-writing.

For example: "....served with seasonal fruits” (a creative term for tinned peaches); and "traditional shepherd's pie” (extremely creative because it promises nothing, with good reason).

I'm fairly reliably informed that the last traditional shepherd's pie left the Sunshine Coast in the late 1800s, mainly because of the deteriorating standard of pie available.

Last week's dish had to have been based on the original final recipe: the one that melted all the shepherds' crooks, thus putting them permanently out of business.

Back in the '50s, despairing of banking, I tried advertising. My job was to take the hundreds of little suburban movie theatre adverts in each afternoon's metro paper and add some zing. So to Tarzan Swings Again, Valhalla, Browntown, 7.30pm, I might creatively add "Jungle adventure” to guide those unaware of Edgar Rice Burrough's hero.

The Op-Shop Ladies was a natural subject for a bit of creative writing and it was great fun playing with the dialogue. It opens tomorrow night, October 14, at 7.30 for a three-weekend run at The Indee at the Yandina School of Arts hall.

The Sundays are all 2pm, the middle Saturday at 4pm and the final Saturday at 7.30pm. Book on 5472 8200.

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