Stingray not getting between this fisherman and his catch

Mr Wickham’s battle wound.
Mr Wickham’s battle wound. Contributed

A STINGRAY barb in his leg while fishing on Tuesday was not enough to stop Rockhampton fisherman Daniel Wickham from baiting the prime catch in the same waters today.

The keen angler and his brother Tony took to the secluded waters of Corio Bay north of Yeppoon this week and while cast netting in foot-deep waters, found himself face-to-face with the potentially fatal barb of a juvenile stingray.

Daniel Wickham was taken to hospital after being stung by a stingray.
Daniel Wickham was taken to hospital after being stung by a stingray. Contributed

But only a few days later Mr Wickham is back in the same water with his hooks set on the missed catch.

"I'm going back to the same spot tomorrow because I never got a chance to get any of the fish. My brother got them all so I'm going back to see if I can get some," he said.

Mr Wickham said he and his brother had been fishing together "forever" but Tuesday's accident was not enough to scare them off the waters or Corio Bay.

"We were up at a little undiscovered island between Fishing Creek and Corio Creek off Corio Bay and I was just throw-netting and decided to walk out a little deeper," Mr Wickham said.

"Before I got my foot off, the barb stuck into the back of my leg down near my ankle.

"I knew exactly what I had done as soon as it happened and thought I had better call someone.

"I've been fishing for years, I just didn't see it.

"That was lesson learned."

A sting ray injured a man at Corio Bay yesterday
A sting ray injured a man at Corio Bay yesterday RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue

But the tree-lopper business owner wasn't put off his love of his job for long, returning to the tools at his business, Wickham's Tree Services, only a few hours later.

"We were probably a bit too keen judging from recent results," he said.

"I just love working and I love working for myself because I've never found a boss I liked."

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