St Andrew's Anglican College Year 3 students Kate and Hugo with returned serviceman Sergeant Nicholas Korfias.
St Andrew's Anglican College Year 3 students Kate and Hugo with returned serviceman Sergeant Nicholas Korfias. Amber Macpherson

Stories of war captivate for Remembrance Day

ST ANDREW'S Anglican College students were captivated by Sergeant Nicholas Korfias' recounts of war as part of their Remembrance Day service last Friday morning.

The Peregian Springs school welcomed veterans to place wreathes and observe the solemn day with the school community.

Sgt Korfias told the school of hearing the heartbreaking news of his friends being killed while on patrol in Afghanistan, and how a letter and a picture from a St Andrew's student helped briefly put his mind at ease.

"Remembrance Day is a chance for us to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Sgt Korfias said.

"During my first tour of Afghanistan in 2011, I received word there was an incident in another patrol base, where 13 Australians had been gunned down by a rouge Afghan soldier, resulting in three of those being killed.

"One of which was my mate. Gav's death hit me quite hard, as he'd just become a father for the third time, and I was about to be a father.

"I returned from patrol after a month, struggling to sleep.

"A member of this school, Lachlan Thompson, sent me a letter. I was laying down in my room, trying to relax and unwind.

"In the letter was a picture - that picture was able to take my mind off everything that had happened in that month. For 30 minutes, I fell asleep. I'd just like to thank Lachie for that picture; that 30 minutes of sleep I'd had was the best I'd had in over a month.”

Principal Chris Ivey said it's important to uphold the leaders of today who keep peace among nations.

"We should never take for granted those who died, and those who continue to strive for peace,” Revered Ivey said. "It isn't just remembering what has been in the past, it's remembering to pray for today for those who continue to act in positions of decision making to make sure that they continue to advocate change for peace.”

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