STOLEN: Vinny Jeffs thought his car and tools were safe.
STOLEN: Vinny Jeffs thought his car and tools were safe.

Stress of car theft spreads online

WITH keys in hand Vinny Jeffs returned to what he thought was a safe Mooloolaba car park to pick up his ute.

Instead all that was left in the car's place was shards of glass.

The 23-year-old's tray back ute, along with a toolbox full of tools and equipment were stolen from the Coles undercover car park at Mooloolaba during last weekend's Mooloolaba Triathlon.

Mr Jeffs' street was blocked for the race so instead he was forced to park his car in what seemed like a safe spot.

"It was just a massive kick in the guts, I was devastated," the fourth year apprentice said.

"I thought I'd just mixed up my parking spot, but then I saw the glass where they had smashed the window to get in.

"I'd just put a new toolbox on the back and all my tools in there a few days before.

"I've lost about $6000 worth of tools."

Through the power of social media and more than 1000 "shares" on Facebook, Mr Jeff's' car was eventually found - gutted and sold to a Burpengary wrecking yard for $200.

"I just can't imagine what goes through people's heads who do these things, it's a different breed of people that's for sure," Mr Jeffs said.

"It's all a real inconvenience it's been stressful that's for sure."

Despite the less than ideal outcome, Mr Jeffs wanted to share his story to warn others and say thank you to the hundreds of people who shared his story on Facebook.

"It shows how powerful social media can be, everyone's been really great," Mr Jeffs said.

"The only reason I got my car back is because the wrecking yard owner recognised the post.

"Thanks to everyone on the Sunny Coast who took the time to click and share."

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