Student paramedic helps save a child

DEDICATED: Rhys Greedy and his mentors celebrate a successful eight-week internship.
DEDICATED: Rhys Greedy and his mentors celebrate a successful eight-week internship.

LIFE on the road as a paramedic is something Caloundra local and University of the Sunshine Coast student Rhys Greedy has dreamt about for a long time.

Now in the final month of his degree, Mr Greedy has been put to the test and experienced things some paramedics may never experience in their entire careers.

On the road doing what he loved in his eight-week long internship, the junior paramedic put it all on the line when he and his mentor were called to a job where they had to save the life of a toddler feared drowned.

Fortunately, it was a positive outcome for all involved but Mr Greedy said it was an experience that he would never forget.

"We managed to get there quite quickly,” he said.

"The team effort from what happened before we arrived and what we did on our way to the hospital contributed to a positive outcome.

"At my level I was lucky to be surrounded by the magnitude of experience on that day.

"It's just part of the job, you don't know what's going to appear on that pager next.”

Mr Greedy, who also was blessed to play a role in the delivery of a baby, said his feet haven't touched the ground since his time out on the road.

"It was a really beautiful moment,” he said.

"I was very lucky to experience that as it's a job that paramedics don't see over the span of their careers.”

Now, as he awaits the call to say whether he has got his graduate job offer, Mr Greedy says that he couldn't be more prepared.

"It was great hands-on learning experience,” he said.

"My mentor was great in allowing me to be hands-on with the projects.

"There's only so much you can prepare yourself for in the classroom.

"I feel like I can't be any more prepared now for the next stage.”

Mr Greedy said that while his chosen career is definitely one that comes with its obstacles and challenges, he couldn't be more content with the choice that he has made for his future.

"This is certainly a career choice that I've fallen in love with,” he said.

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