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Students build a boat

NDSHS DOE students build a boat.
NDSHS DOE students build a boat.

NOOSA District State High School Year 10 students successfully built a working large kayak through the traditional stitch and glue method as part of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) program.

Bote-Cote's Bruce McConkey volunteered his time every week for this past semester to oversee the construction of the kayak.

The boat was constructed from a plan using traditional boat building methods.

Precise measuring and cutting were required as well as gluing and sanding, followed by a final gloss and paint.

The whole process required patience and dedication from the group, with the end product, a beautiful wooden kayak, used within the DOE program.

DOE Dean McMaster was very impressed with the final result.

"These kids participate in this alternative education program as they sometimes disengage with traditional academic subjects. This project ties in nicely with the canoe and kayak expedition requirements of their program," Mr McMaster said.

The students are looking forward to using the vessel on future DOE trips, with the project fostering a sense of ownership in their creation and pride in a job well done.

The DOE students respond well to hands-on learning.

"These students have also been taught about Inuit traditional use and hunting methods using these craft," Mr McMaster said.

Bote-Cote's Mr McConkey, a veteran wooden boat builder, was pleased with the group's efforts.

"I had a core group of kids help me each week. They showed great patience and a willingness to learn and I am sure they are very pleased with the end result," Mr McConkey said.

The kayak will have a plaque glued to it in honor of the cohort that constructed it and will be added to the school fleet of canoes and kayaks that will be operated in the field on the DOE's adventurous expeditions.

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