Kristal Dati is the mystery bride.
Kristal Dati is the mystery bride. Jack Flint

Readers help to reveal identity of mystery bride

UPDATE: Thanks to help of The Daily's reader detectives we've found the bride but it turns out she wasn't quite who Jack thought she was. The 'Bride' is 22 year old dental assistant Kristal Dati who has lived at Kawana her entire life.

And while she's married that wasn't the reason she was in that dress.

Meet Kristal in The Sunshine Coast Daily tomorrow.

EARLIER: LOST: One stunning bride. Reward: This photo.

Sippy Downs resident Jack Flint (pictured) was walking along Point Cartwright when he spotted this bride fixing her wedding dress while getting snapped by her photographer.

Captured by the scene, Mr Flint decided to also take a photo.

He has been trying to find the bride ever since.

"I felt a bit creepy doing it, but it's such a beautiful photo," Mr Flint said. "I've been trying to find her but have had no luck."

Jack Flint photographer
Jack Flint photographer Contributed

The 19-year-old photography student posted the photo on Facebook.

With no response he asked The Daily for help.

"I thought she might enjoy the photo," he said.

Mr Flint snapped the photo on August 5 about 1pm last year.

Jack Flint Photography on Facebook for more info.

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