One in three flights from Sunshine Coast Airport were delayed in October 2016.
One in three flights from Sunshine Coast Airport were delayed in October 2016. SCOTT POWICK

Sunshine Coast Airport say it's working on departure delays

UPDATE:  Sunshine Coast Airport has not shied away from responsibility for its position as the worst-performing airport nationally when it comes to departure delays in October.

"On-time performance can be impacted by a number of factors including elements outside of Sunshine Coast Airport's control such as weather," an airport spokesman said.

"Sunshine Coast Airport is working towards making airport operations as efficient as possible.

"Over the last six months the airport has undertaken significant works and investment in terminal facilities.  The Checked-Bag Screening system has been replaced to improve efficiency and reliability of the baggage system, and a second security screening point was installed to improve passenger flows.

"Sunshine Coast Airport will continue to work closely with airline partners to provide the best possible service for arriving and departing passengers."

BREAKING: If you're planning an airborne getaway from the Sunshine Coast, allow plenty of time.

Flights out of the Sunshine Coast Airport have a one-in-three chance being delayed, according to figures released by the Federal Government's Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.

"Sunshine Coast Airport recorded the lowest percentage of on-time departures (61.9%)," the Domestic Airline On Time Performance monthly report for October 2016 states.

The Sunshine Coast-Sydney route had the lowest percentage of 66 routes that were reported for on-time performance, at 60.6%.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesperson said this was a matter for the airlines, declining to comment on whether the delay statistics would affect plans for the expansion of the airport.

Sunshine Coast Airport is now designated an international airport and this month received confirmation of a $181 million loan from the Federal Government to build the planned $347 million international airport.

While the Sunshine Coast Airport had the largest delay rate for the month of October, it was worth noting it has also had several increases to services in the 2015-2016 financial year, with some of its routes to major cities gaining the biggest passenger number increases of all public transport domestic aviation routes in the country.

The Melbourne-Sunshine Coast flight was up 12.6% in 2015-2016, making it the largest increase in passenger numbers, while the Sunshine Coast-Sydney route came in second, with an increase in passengers of 12.1%.

These increases could be due to an increase in flights on these routes over the previous year.


National on-time arrival performance by airline

Virgin 84.3%

Qantas 72.4%

Qantas 83.2%

Tigerair Australia 78.9%

Jetstar 72.4%


Regional on-time departures

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines 85.2%

QantasLink 84.5%

Regional Express 84.0%

Qantas and QantasLink 83.9 %

Virgin Australia and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines 84.4%


National on-time departures by airline

Virgin Australia 87.3%

Qantas at 84.6%

Tigerair Australia 81.5%

Jetstar 69.5%


Regional on-time departures

Regional Express 86.9%

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines 85.7%

QantasLink 85.6%

Qantas and QantasLink 85.1%

Virgin Australia and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines 87.2%

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