LOCAL STINK: Mark Hickey always picks up after his dogs Romeo and Lola at Sunshine Beach.
LOCAL STINK: Mark Hickey always picks up after his dogs Romeo and Lola at Sunshine Beach. Peter Gardiner

Sunshine doggy stinkers really on the nose

A POST about a "feral" habit of allowing dogs to poo along a Sunshine Beach access pathway, and just walking off, has locals agreeing how on-the-nose this disgusting practice is.

Dog owner Mike Rob's entry triggered a strong response on New Year's Eve when he added to Facebook's Noosa Community Noticeboard.

"As a responsible dog owner I am repulsed at the amount of dog faeces at Sunshine Beach dog exercise area this holiday. It is everywhere yuk!!!!!

"Why don't owners pick it up? This will eventually cause council to close this beach to dogs as it is becoming a health hazard now."

Brisbane dog owner Mark Hickey, who was headed to the beach, told the Noosa News he always picked up after his dogs Romeo and Lola.

"My wife is particularly adamant about that," he said.

"It can be a problem though - too much is too much."

Bryce Lry is a dog owner who visits Sunshine about twice a week.

He posted: "Yep, the vegetation down the side of that path down to the beach is a favourite pooing place, my dog included, and it is feral.

"I cringe when I have to walk into it to pick up my dog's mess as I am literally walking on poo.

"It is gross and really a result of lazy owners. It does need cleaning up," he said.

John Scott said he had asked dog owners to pick up their dogs' poo (which is floating near them and near where young children are swimming and playing).

"They say they will pick (it) up and then they just go on ignoring it," he said.

"Their childish response compromises other dog owners and I'm sure they will be the ones who complain the most when they're banned."

Niki Thornton said this was a "shame" as, "I was only just commenting to friends yesterday how much cleaner dog beaches are up here than in Sydney. C'mon people".

Louise Conway added: "Sadly I watched as two kids allowed their dog to poo at the walkway down to the beach at Peregian. When they kept walking, I called out for them to come back and pick it up; they just laughed and ran off.

"I have dogs and love being able to take them to the beach, but if people repeatedly don't clean up after them then it will all be taken away.

"I always carry spare bags and pick up any I see, whether it's my dog's or not."

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