OPINION: Supermum image far from the truth

COMMENT BY SAMI MUIRHEAD: WHAT can you do one-handed?

I have become the Captain Hook of the Sunshine Coast since recently having a baby, who brings to three the number of kids under three in this household of manic but happy chaos.

I swear to you, I am sitting here typing with one hand while feeding the three-week-old with my other arm.

This morning I made the kids breakfast with one hand, then did a load of washing and drying with one hand as my other arm was clutching my crying toddler on my hip.

Some friends have been labelling me Supermum, but it's a moniker that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I know I go from feed to feed to see how my hormones, moods and chocolate-craving levels are going at that particular time!

I cannot tell you what the next three hours will bring as everything is in a state of constant flux. Yes, that is right, my coping levels can change from feed to feed - not even day to day!

The sheets have not been washed forever and those dishes I washed with one hand probably still have bits of leftover Weetbix on them.

I am guilty of posting only happy pictures on social media, where my kids look content (or asleep) and this probably adds to that image that I am coping and doing it all with ease and poise.

But I am here to tell you that is not the case. Just ask my husband or my work partner. Both are afraid of the crazy woman they are with at the moment, I am fairly sure from looking at their bewildered and slightly terrified faces most days.

I use Facebook and Instagram as my own way of modern scrapbooking, so I am not about to post a picture of a home that looks like a tornado has hit, or me at 2am wearing pyjamas that do not match while sitting in the dark feeding the baby.

Call me vain and superficial, but when I log in to catch up with the world I would rather see flowers, rainbows and beautiful smiles on children than the 10 dirty nappy I have changed that day or a filthy floor.

Perhaps I should these "real images" to "keep it real" and not perpetuate this myth of the Supermum, who I think she is as elusive as Tinkerbell.

But do not panic friends, I am honestly loving my new life and being a busy mum.

I still have my positive outlook and I plan to ask for a discount next time I get a manicure, as really they need to work on one hand.

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