Nuclear power to reduce carbon pollution

WE PRODUCE about 1.5% of world pollution with 77% of our power is generated by coal-fired power stations and only 15% from gas.

We estimate our carbon reduction will be 26% to 28% by 2030.

Hang on, who are we kidding when we at the same time export millions of tonnes of coal to countries like China, where it burns in coal-fired power stations and is used in other refining procedures, generating carbon pollution?

Pollution generated in Beijing is blown over to California in America and on to other parts of the globe. While we have a good-guy feeling about how well we reduce carbon pollution we are indirectly responsible for massive amounts of pollution produced in our export markets.

A number of countries use nuclear generators which don't produce carbon and the world is waking up to vehicle pollution and designing low pollution vehicles or using alternative fuels like hydrogen or electric motors.

We need to go nuclear as renewables fall short and coal needs to be left in the ground until some form of cleaning it is achieved, if that is possible.


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