G'DAY surfers.

Ours is a sport/pastime where weather conditions dictate the playing field.

This autumn/winter we have been blessed and will be cursed. And there are all the variables between those conditions of bliss and despair.

Welcome to a weekend where it may be wise to adjust expectations, reach for a SUP or log or throw on a set of goggles and fins and go exploring.

Morning temperatures in the single digits - seven degrees tomorrrow and six degrees on Sunday - will be powerful incentives to stay in bed. Resist the urge.

Agnes Waters to Coolangatta:


It's going to miniscule, with barely a foot of surf and a fresh offshore breeze early.

The wind will drop away through the morning, shifting to light onshore/cross shore conditions by the afternoon.

South-facing beaches will offer some improvement in wave size.

On the Gold Coast conditions will also be tiny early around the one foot mark with a 15 knot south wester turning more south/south-west as the morning progresses.

Again check the south facing beaches which will get progressively biggest through the day and may reach well overhead by dark.


Will be slightly bigger in the 1-2 foot range with light offshore winds early swinging south and then increasingly east/south-east through the day.

You might find some bump on the Coast's northern beaches exposed to the south where wave height could reach well overhead but the wind, although light, will be a factor.

On the Gold Coast wind will be nine knots from the south early dropping away during the day and shifting more south southeast.

Again head to the beaches exposed to the south swell in the hope of waves head high and bigger.

Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour:


There will be more grunt south of the border for the holidays although the wind will be a strong south westerly early at 19 knots before dropping out to 10 knots through the day.

All the south facing breaks will be overhead and waist to shoulder high elsewhere.


It will be bigger again on Sunday with a 3-4 foot south swell fanned by a nine knot south-westerly early.

The wind will drop throughout the day, making for ideal surf conditions.

Expect the south facing spots to turn on with the exposure picking up waves.

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