FINALLY! We had a shift in the weather and we had solid surf this week.

A weak low drifted down the coast from the Solomons to our side of New Caledonia.

This, coupled with a fairly stationary high in the Tasman, generated a narrow focus swell from Noosa to Byron.

It lasted from Monday through to Thursday, peaking around noon on Wednesday.

Size was solid with waves up to double overhead in most places. The period was short, though, and paddling out was a challenge.

It was, however, the first swell in weeks and for that we're most grateful.

Today there's a tight little low south of Sydney, but swell from it will come from the due south and isn't expected to affect the Gold and Sunshine coasts.

Agnes water to Coolangatta, tomorrow: The SE winds are gone but they've left a little combined swell of a metre or so. In the morning, winds will be onshore NE and they'll freshen quickly. Ouch!

The afternoon is supposed to see very fresh 15 knot-plus NE winds. Not good for surfing. Temps will be in the high 20s and there's a 60% chance of rain with a possible afternoon thunderstorm.

Gold Coasters will have similar wave size but stronger NE winds.

Sunday: Early risers will get the best of it with light, variable winds and up to a metre of crossed-up beach breaks. By mid-morning, east to NE winds will be on the march and by afternoon they'll get up to 20 knots. It will be even hotter on Sunday with temps nudging 29-30 degrees.

Down the Goldy, the morning will be best with light, variable winds and a metre or so of mixed swell. Get cracking, though: east winds to 20 knots will mess things up nicely by the afternoon.

Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour, tomorrow: Limited options in Byron tomorrow, as an early NE wind will badly beat up the rising south swell. Waves over a metre will be available in the few corners, but 20 knots of wind will keep things messy.

There's been a nasty little low south of Sydney for a few days and swell from this source should start to make it to Byron by tomorrow.

The Coffs Harbour crew will have a solid swell hitting in the 1.5 metre (possibly more) range. Unfortunately, N to NE winds of 15/20 knots will make a mess of things except in the very few protected corners. Beware the sneak sets.

Sunday: The morning's going to be the best the time on Sunday in Byron. The surf will still be rising from the south in the 1.5m +/- range, and the wind will be light early. "If you snooze you lose", as the old saying goes, because the forecast for winds is for NE up to 15 knots. Not good.

Things are a bit different down south on Sunday. Coffs Harbour forecasts are for light winds all day, so expect offshores early/onshores later.

The good news is that either way, it's not going to adversely affect the 1-1.5m swell (which will likely be dropping all day).

Disclaimer: This forecast is prepared the previous Thursday in order to satisfy newspaper production requirements. As conditions may change, it is always recommended that you take a good look before ever entering a surf zone.

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