Wave of the day at Alexandra Headland.
Wave of the day at Alexandra Headland. Warren Lynam

Surf report: Change will come eventually so don't despair

MY HOPED-FOR swell this week never happened. The low in the Coral Sea moved away and a high didn't blow up underneath. Ouch!

Win some, lose some.

Anyway, the NE/E winds continue to plague us way longer than they should, and that's not helping the waves.

Where's the bright spot in this picture? It won't continue this way forever.

Welcome to summer. The NE winds look to continue for a bit longer but don't despair: change will come eventually.

Agnes Water to Coolangatta, Saturday: Northerly winds will rise very early, getting up to 15 knots by the afternoon. There's been north winds all week but all they've done is develop a small (1m or less), sloppy wind swell. The easterly days have driven in hordes of big bluebottles, too. Check that high tide line before you get wet.

There's next to no chance of rain and high temperatures will be in the mid thirties. A recipe for afternoon thunderstorms.

The Gold Coast will be much the same, with north winds up early, hitting 20 knots by afternoon and a metre or less of junk surf.

Sunday: Early calm will be destroyed by NE winds to 15 knots-plus before noon. The swell persists at a metre or less and conditions remain woeful. Maybe grab a splash early and chill in the afternoon in alternative activities.

The Goldy will have even stronger N-NE winds, up to 25 knots, and that is a big blow. The surf will be a total shambles and the bluebottles will be thick in some places.

Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour, Saturday: Byron will have early N-NE winds, rising to 25 knots by noon. That pretty much limits surfing to one or two areas and even they won't be flash. Maybe a metre or so of uneven wind swell.

Coffs' winds will generally be swinging from NE to E with strengths up to 15 knots-plus. Only a couple of spots down there, too, so hunt them out and hope for the best.

Often, NE wind swell cleans up and gains a bit of size by the time it get to Coffs Harbour. We're looking at a metre-plus.

Sunday: Morning N-NE winds will quickly get up to 20 knots and the surf will remain a junky metre-plus. Fear not! The BOM is calling for a weak offshore change in the afternoon and that will make many places fun.

Air temps will be hovering around the 30 degrees mark, but the north winds have dropped the water temp noticeably. The change will have passed through Coffs tomorrow night, so Sunday will have light and variable winds in its wake.

This is good news for Coffs surfers as the northerly wind swell should be brushed clean and fun waves of a metre-plus will abound.

Disclaimer: This forecast is prepared the previous Thursday in order to satisfy newspaper production requirements. As conditions may change, it is always recommended that you take a good look before ever entering a surf zone.

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