Kathy Sundstrom.
Kathy Sundstrom.

OPINION: Unable to understand handstand ban

COMMENT BY KATHY SUNDSTROM: IS IT any wonder Australia has an obesity problem in children when kids are not allowed to do normal, spontaneous play at schools?

Perhaps of more concern to some out there is how long can Australia expect to excel at sports when the only activity kids will be allowed to do at school is play on their tablets?

Peregian Springs State School is probably no exception in advising parents under "no circumstances" are children

allowed to do handstands and cartwheels in schools unless supervised by someone "trained".

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You'd probably find the policy is the same across most schools on the Sunshine Coast and the reasoning behind it is sound - understandably they are fearful of being sued.

But at what point is some government going to brave enough to say "enough is enough" and draw the line between litigation and common sense.

Children need to play, handstands and cartwheels are part of that, and sometimes, they need to get hurt.

No parent, me included, wants this to happen.

11 year old Anna does a cartwheel
11 year old Anna does a cartwheel Warren Lynam

But I've always said to my kids that I would rather we all "die young and exploring than be old and boring".

As I am writing this, my own husband is sitting in hospital after surgery on his broken leg - gained playing soccer with the kids at Moreton Island.

It's a real bugger that I am going to have to drive him around for six weeks, never mind the fact that he is injured.

However, I am glad he got injured having fun.

I feel the same for my children.

They have to live life and that is not something that can or should be experienced virtually.

At some point, governments and schools are going to be accountable for the psychological and physical harm they are doing our kids by not letting them have spontaneous fun.

Boredom is such a problem among teens, as is depression and the links

between the two and lack of exercise isn't rocket science. They are self-explanatory.

The only winners in this litigious western society are the lawyers. Surely there is some way we can legislate against too much litigation?

Or surely at some point parents should be able to have the choice whether they send their kids to school, or cotton-wool school.

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