Tony Wellington on council election day.
Tony Wellington on council election day.

Taking a punt on booting Noosa’s bunting

NOOSA Council would be unlikely to oppose a proposed state ban on bunting signage on election day.

“Noosa has historically sought to minimise visual clutter by way of controls on public signage, which is an essential part of Noosa’s look-and-feel,” Mayor Tony Wellington said.

“Given our historic approach to public signage, I believe council would be likely to welcome constraints on election day signage, most particularly if this created a level playing field for all candidates.”

Cr Wellington said council had some controls in place covering signage during elections.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath wants to hear from Queenslanders about what they think of polling stations being swamped with signage on election day.

“I think most people are sick and tired of the signs and bunting taking up every inch of available space — and it’s time to have a discussion about getting rid of it,” Mrs D’Ath said.

“In the last couple of elections it’s been out of control — there were so many signs, and each day they got bigger and bigger.

“It’s got to the point where there’s a massive wall of clashing colours and slogans — and I don’t know if anybody can actually register any of the messages.

“Some schools are frustrated with people putting up bunting and signage even before the school day has finished,” she said.

Mrs Dath said there have even been reports of arguments and fights between opposing candidates and their support teams as they try to get the best spots.

“It’s also a matter of how much waste is generated — countless tonnes of plastic and paper ending up in landfills around the state.

“My preference is to get rid of bunting altogether — as we have seen introduced in some other jurisdictions.

“I think people want to see change in this space — but I’m very keen to hear what Queenslanders think.”

Anyone who is interested in having their say can go to

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