Chrissy Harris

Teacher strike looms: 2000 schools thrown into chaos

UP TO 50,000 teachers will strike next week, throwing New South Wales' government schools into chaos, as pay negotiations break down.

If it goes ahead, the industrial action would affect more than 2000 primary and high schools, leaving them without teachers for a chunk of the morning next Thursday.

The NSW Teachers' Federation emailed members yesterday to suggest it may not be the only industrial action on the cards.

It warned there could be a future campaign that would address other issues including workload.

The Daily Telegraph reports that teachers are fighting with the Baird Government after annual pay rises were capped at 2.5%.

New teachers begin on a salary of $49,647 but it increases through 13 bands up to $95,466.

The top teachers can earn $101,614, while the highest paid principals are paid $181,312.

There will be "minimal supervision arrangements" in place for the students while the stop work meetings are held.

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